Early Life

Chloe Halljborn was born September 22nd, 1994 in New Jersey to Icelandic immigrant Gunnar Halljborn and Southern belle and Alabaman native, Cynthia Randolph Halljborn. She has two sisters: an older half-sister named Minerva from her mother's side (whom she is like a friend to) and a younger half-sister Sonya (whom she has a sibling rivalry with) from her father's side; she wants their father to show more affection towards her than Chloe and Minerva. Her mother died from an overdose when Chloe was three. When she was seven, her father since remarried to a one-time supermodel Polita Hankins who is nothing but evil towards her.


Season One

No Normal

Chloe is introduced into the pilot episode as the clumsy artistic jock. She is shown getting out of a fancy car with her quarterback boyfriend Nick Maxwell. There, we are introduced to her energetic side when she is shown out on the soccer field with Maxwell cheering her on. Other traits she possesses is being flirty (never shown yet), confident (as it is mentioned she is very sociable in many clubs and charity organization, including the DAR), and is shown to be a social media addict as she mentioned she took 430 selfies in five minutes. She also shares details of how she won beauty pageants as well as photography and art contests. She is shown to be easily angered when she finds out she has to face off with a yakuza. Chloe winds up getting detention for getting caught making out with her boyfriend in her car and skipping class. In detention, she gets off to an ugly start by arguing with bad-tempered fame hungry show off Zoe Carrelli. Once Effie calms down, she reveals some early life details (including her mother's suicide and her father's remarriage to a money hungry scam artist). Throughout the episode, she balances training under the wing of Lydia and Father Dominic as well as writing a dating article and planning a safari birthday party which stresses her out and causes her to lash out on the other Darlings. While the other girls decide to take on the Kogo Samurai Clan, she decides to spend her time with her friends and studying but realizes that she really does like them and they need her. Showing up, she is attacked by Mieko Kogo. She then apologizes to the others and they accept. They then take on the clan's band of ninjas, demons and zombies but at the end they lose to them with the Kogo clan saying that they'll be back. At the end, she ditches her best friend Regina Mancuso after she catches her in bed with Nick Maxwell, she leaves with the other girls to go get pizza.

Sucker Punch

Chloe attempts to avoid Nick and Regina, saying that they are out of her life.

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