Michael "Mike" Monroe is Becca's adoptive father. He found Becca underneath rubble of her birth parents' home. He rescued and later adopted her with his wife, Paige. He loves Becca and is shown to be protective of her, but supports her. He also questioned T'Challa (future son-in-law) about his ulterior motives for wanting to marry Becca.


Mike was born in New Jersey and was raised in an Irish Catholic neighborhood by his mother Edna aka Nana. He has an older brother named Dwayne and four other brothers who tease him because he isn't a doctor like they are. His father died when he was fifteen. After college, he met Paige and the two soon married after. Learning they couldn't conceive children, the two thought of adoption but didn't go through it. Once finding Becca crying underneath rubble, he took her home where the two adopted her. When Becca was eighteen, she learned she was adopted.


  • Edna "Nana" Monroe: mother
  • Dwayne Monroe: Older brother
  • Paige Monroe: Wife
  • Becca Monroe: adoptive daughter
  • T'Challa Udaku: adoptive son-in-law
  • Shirley "Mamaw" Hobbs: mother-in-law
  • George "Papaw" Hobbs: father-in-law, deceased
  • Khadijah, Rashida and Quedejah: Adoptive granddaughters
  • Seventeen Unnamed Adoptive Future Grandchildren

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