Nickname: Miss-Sterious
Pet: Poodle
Lucky Number: 34
Favorite Color: Black, White and Gray
Favorite Movies: Marilyn Monroe movies
Favorite Books: The Fault in our Stars
Favorite Food: Croissants
Favorite Smoothie: Banana
Favorite Songs:


Favorite Class: Physical Education
Favorite Passion: Mystery
Shopping Style: Style Mysterious and Pin Up

Nadine is a Bratz doll that was introduced in the "Style It" collection. Her nickname is "Miss-Sterious" because she's full of secrets. Nadine is the leader of the Style It club. Other members in it are Dana, Meygan Jaylene, Shania, Myra, Maci, Rylan, Tessa, and Brigitte.


Nadine has blonde hair, light skin tone, and blue eyes.


Nadine is nicknamed Miss-Sterious for her rather secretive personality, as she has a number of untold secrets. Despite her mysterious personality, Nadine is well famous at her school for being a opera singer star. She is very competitive, especially with her cousin, Jaylene. Nadine is friends with Shania, but sometimes their competitions could last for hours. Nadine also rivals with Tyla, as both of their success in show biz are high in the class of seniors.


Jaylene is her cousin

Trinity is her aunt

Her bestfriend is Valentina

She's good friends with Rylan, Maci and Shania