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Nickname: Miss-Sterious
Pet: Zebra
Lucky Number: 34
Favorite Color: Black, White and Gray
Favorite Movies: Comedy
Favorite Books: About Mysteries
Favorite Food: Croissants
Favorite Smoothie: Sleeve
Favorite Music:

Classical and Pop

Favorite Class: Physical Education
Favorite Passion: Mystery
Shopping Style: Style Mysterious and Pin Up

Nadine is a Bratz doll that was introduced in the "Style It" collection. Her nickname is "Miss-Sterious" because she's full of secrets.


Nadine has blonde hair, light skin tone, and blue eyes. Her cousin is Jaylene. Trinity is her Aunt.


Nadine is nicknamed Miss-Sterious for her rather secretive personality, as she has a number of untold secrets. She is new at Stylesville.


Nadine resembles Marilyn Monroe.


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