Profile Neveah & Peyton (2)
Nickname: Tough Cookie
Pet: Nebelung
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movies: Horror and Comedy
Favorite Books:


Favorite Food: Asian and Italian
Favorite Smoothie: Strawberry
Favorite Music: Pop Punk and Funk Rock
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Passion: Want's to be in a band
Shopping Style: Rocker and Punk

Nevaeh is the twin of Peyton. She is nicknamed Tough Cookie by her twin and friends because she has a great taste mixed with attitude. Her first appearance was in the Bratz World Twiins.


She strongly resembles her sister, Peyton. Her hair is black with red streaks, she has blue eyes, and a light skin tone.

Nevaeh's name is ''heaven'' spelled backwards, contributing to the fact that she is the ''bad twin'' very well.

She is Asian-American and Bavarian.


Peyton: Younger twin sister

Emadine & James Zhen: Parents

Penn: Older brother

Ciara & Kina: Bestfriends

Zack: Boyfriend

Celebrity Life

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