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New Kid In Town
Season 1, Episode 19
New Kid In Town
Air date September 16, 2006
Written by Peggy Nicoll
Directed by Mucci Fassett
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New Kid In Town is episode 19 of season 1 of the Bratz animated series.


Shane,is the newest, coolest and most hottest fashionable boy in Stilesville and the Bratz were fighting over him because they're both attractive to him.



Sasha: Oh, yeah? Well, what about Cameron?

Cloe: What about him? It's not like we're going out or anything.

Yasmin, Jade and Sasha: Right.

Sasha (shocked): Jade?! (turn to faced Jade)

Jade: Me? Really?

Yasmin, Jade, Sasha and Cloe: So not cool.

Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Cloe (While fighting): With me! With me! With me! With me! With me! With me! With me! With me!

Shane: Aah! Please don't hurt me! Aah! I wanna be alone!


  • Meygan is mentioned in the episode, but never appear
  • It appears Cameron was pretending to flirt with Roxxi while Cloe was crushing on Shane



Bratz New Kid In Town *HD* (FULL EPISODE)21:22

Bratz New Kid In Town *HD* (FULL EPISODE)

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