Nickname: Puppy
Pet: Snappy (Puppy identical to Happy)
Lucky Number: 12
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movies: Interviews
Favorite Books: Magazines
Favorite Food: Cookies
Favorite Smoothie: Blueberry
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Class: Social Studies
Favorite Passion: Shoes
Shopping Style: Jackets

Nita was only produced as a Babyz. She is the twin of Nora. Her nickname is Puppy.


She resembles her twin sister, Nora. Her eyes are lavender and her hair is black with brown highlights, and a light skin tone. She is always seen with a ponytail.


Nita is the feisty twin and is recognized easily because of her short temper and fierce attitude. She is also harsh towards Nora, and often throws temper tantrums.


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