Birthday: March 13
Year: Junior
Nickname: Puppy
Pet: Snappy (Puppy identical to Happy)
Lucky Number: 12
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movies: Interviews
Favorite Books: Magazines
Favorite Food: Cookies
Favorite Smoothie: Blueberry
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Class: Social Studies
Favorite Passion: Shoes
Shopping Style: Jackets

Nita was only produced as a Babyz. She is the twin of Nora. Her nickname is Puppy.


She resembles her twin sister, Nora. Her eyes are lavender and her hair is black with brown highlights, and a light skin tone. She is always seen with a ponytail. She is the older twin.


Nita is the feisty twin and is recognized easily because of her short temper and fierce attitude. She is also harsh towards Nora, and often throws temper tantrums.


Nora: Younger twin sister

Jillian: Older sister

Diona: Bestfriend


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