Nickname: Star
Pet: Beige Horse
Lucky Number: 31
Favorite Color: Red and Gold
Favorite Movies: About Music and Dramatic Comedy
Favorite Books: About Music, Pop, and Fashion
Favorite Food: Chicken Risotto
Favorite Smoothie: Chocolate
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Passion: Singing
Shopping Style: Pop Star

Nona is Tess's twin sister and Yasmin and Rylan's cousin . She has also appeared in Lil Angelz website and their parents are Fianna and Wayne and are also in her bratzpack including many accessories. She loves being the center of attention. She has only been produced 3 times (2nd Edition Twiins and 2nd Edition Babyz). Nona was also in Lil Angelz.

The novel Bratz Clued In: Seeing Double reveals that Nona is very good at art, and makes the cut into Mr. Del Rio's elite art class with Jade and Cloe


She has brown eyes, dark brown hair and strongly resembles her twin Tess. Initial runs of Nona featured her with deep tan skin matching that of Spring Break Yasmin, but subsequent runs had her with a lighter tan skintone matching the usual skin tone of Yasmin.

Personality Profile

Nona is the sweet twin. Her nickname is Star because she loves to be the center of a crowd. Nona also likes dancing, and can sometimes be a bit shy if she sees a cute guy.


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