Oia Marie Calligaris is the paternal grandmother of Effie Calligaris, whom Zoe looks up to. She comes across as quite ruthless and free-spirited which is probably where half of Effie's personality came from.


Early Life

Oia was born on a Indiana farm to a pair of hardware store owners and was raised alongside her three year younger brother named Takis. She eventually married a man named Hector Calligaris where the two settled down and had eleven children: one girl and ten sons.

Son's Departure

Oia hasn't forgiven Matteo for leaving Italy nor the fact that he told her about her daughter-in-law and granddaughters.

Meeting Her Granddaughters

Oia is first seen meeting her three granddaughters for the first time. She is shown to share some of Hominska's expressional traits. She also seems to be hostile towards her daughter-in-law.



  • Mrs. Calligaris-Ex-Mother-In-Law
  • Mr. Calligaris-Ex-Father-In-Law
  • Hector Calligaris-Ex-Husband
  • Matteo Calligaris-Son
  • Anita Calligaris-Daughter-In-Law
  • Viviana Calligaris-Daughter
  • Galen Calligaris-Son
  • Leo Calligaris-Son
  • Damon Calligaris-Son
  • Helio Calligaris-Son
  • Jason Calligaris-Son
  • Salvatore Calligaris-Son
  • Sergio Calligaris-Son
  • Luigi Calligaris-Son
  • Marco Calligaris-Son
  • Rasmus Calligaris-Son
  • Effie Calligaris-Granddaughter
  • Hominska Calligaris-Granddaughter
  • Kamala Calligaris-Granddaughter
  • Mateo Richards-Great Grandson

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