Oia Calligaris is the paternal grandmother of Effie Calligaris.



Effie Calligaris

Effie is Oia's granddaughter through her son Matteo. She heavily dotes on her granddaughter and is shown to have a good relationship with her. Oia is shown helping Effie cope with the breakup of her first boyfriend, Ralph. She is also fascinated by Effie's intelligence and her poetry whom she is a fan of.

Rainbow Calligaris

Rainbow is Oia's daughter-in-law through Matteo. She is shown to have a mixed in-law relation with her but in reality is a healthy one. Sometimes Rainbow is contempted by Oia's comments on how Rainbow raised her daughters.

Hominska Calligaris

Hominska is Oia's middle granddaughter via Matteo. Oia makes cynical comments about Hominska as she isn't beautiful as Effie nor smart like her. Oia has been criticized by Rainbow for this.

Jessica Calligaris

Jessica is Oia's youngest granddaughter via Matteo. She is shown to have a loving relationship with her and when Jessica was small, she enjoyed coming by to help out. She also encourages Jessica to ask out

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