Profile Valentina & Oriana (3)
Nickname: Punk Skunk
Pet: Dog
Lucky Number: 56
Favorite Color: Pink and Black
Favorite Movies: 8 Mile
Favorite Books: Twilight series
Favorite Food: Moussaka and Pizza
Favorite Smoothie: Coconut
Favorite Music: Punk and Pop
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Passion: Playing with the band
Shopping Style: Pretty 'n' Punk

Oriana is the triplet of Valentina and Siernna. She is nicknamed Punk Skunk. Oriana was originally introduced with Valentina as part of the Bratz 3rd Edition Twins, which has also featured Roxxi and Phoebe, but later Siernna was added to make them triplets.


She has a light skin tone. Her hair is blonde with brown highlights and her eyes are blue. She is Canadian. She is the middle child.


She and Siernna are the tomboys of the triplets. She's in a band as the leader. She loves skateboarding, listening and writing songs, and singing.


Valentina & Siernna: Sisters

Regina & George Paxton: Parents

Siernna Calmer is her witchy cousin

Roxxi: Bestfriend

She's also friends with Tiana, Tess and Sabina

Iden is her boyfriend