Paris II
Season 1, Episode 21
Paris ll
Air date September 30, 2006
Written by Peggy Nicoll
Directed by Mucci Fassett
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Paris III

Paris ll is episode 21 of season 1 of the Bratz animated series.


When the Bratz had finally came to Paris,they begins their search on the poison that is used on the models. During their investigation, Sasha had ran into Roxxi's former band member, Cruise. Jade becomes Jean Paul's muse. Cloe was starting to jealous when she saw Cameron goes for super-model Nicole. But when the girls find pieces of hair samples and fingerprints as evidence, they're were from Elemina on a bottle of poisoned wate.




  • This is based on the Ooh la la product line
  • Jade is wearing Dana's outfit



Bratz Paris part 2 *HD* (FULL EPISODE)20:26

Bratz Paris part 2 *HD* (FULL EPISODE)

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