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Nickname: Port
Pet: None
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite Color: Pink and Gold
Favorite Movies: Unknown
Favorite Books: Novels
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Smoothie: Raspberry
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Class: English
Favorite Passion: Unknown
Shopping Style: Sporty and Stylish

Portia is Yasmin and Rylan's mother and Nona and Tess Aunt.


Portia likes to talk on the phone with her friends and drink coffee. She also likes to shop.


She has brown eyes, tan skin, and brown hair with grey streaks. She looks a lot like Yasmin.



Yasmin and Rylan is Portia's daughters, while Nona and Tess is Portia's Nieces.


Their is a possibilty that she is friends with Polita, however, this is unknown.


She appears in the Bratz Kidz: Sleep Over Adventure but not in the CG animated films or TV Series.


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