Pretty 'n' Punk is a doll line invented in 2005.


"Get ready to rock it like a rebel, 'cuz you're takin' a trip down to the Underground, and lookin' pretty 'n punk with the Bratz in London!" The Bratz™ are hitting the home of punk with the most devastatin’ street styles ever, and they are ready to rock! The collection included Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, Meygan, and Punkz Dylan, Cameron and Eitan. There were a phone booth and party spot pub playset released with this collection. Posters were included with the dolls. The girls came with dogs, and the Boyz came with cats. There were some Cloe dolls produced with an "Ozzy" sign instead of the "Ronan" sign for her pet.




Bratz Pretty 'N' Punk "Express Yourself" Commercial! HD (2005)

Bratz Pretty 'N' Punk "Express Yourself" Commercial! HD (2005)