Profile Art Roxxi
Nickname: Spice




Color: Fire Engine Red
Movies: Rock and Danger/Action Types
Food: Big Juicy Hamburgers and Chips
Smoothie: Raspberry
Music: Taylor Momsen and Punk Rock
Class: Music
Passion: Red-hot rockin' styles, like Denim & Leather!
Shopping Style: Edgy 'N' Punk
Favorite Books: Serious

Roxxi is Phoebe's twin. She is nicknamed "Spice" by her twin sister. Also, she is viewed as the "Bad Twin".


Roxxi first appeared in the Bratz: Rock Angelz animated feature. She is fun, cool and stylish. She is also the twin sister of Phoebe. Roxxi was the lead singer in a band called Crash, but the band broke up for unknown reasons just as they were about to hold a concert in London. Roxxi was devastated over it, knowing the concert meant so much to so many people. Luckily she met Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin and they brought her into their newly-formed band, "Rock Angelz" and performed their first song, "So Good". Roxxi can be a bit rebellious at times, but she is kind-hearted and warm.


Roxxi is light skinned, and has auburn hair with black lowlights. She has light violet eyes, but look more blue than Phoebe's. It's stated that she's of Mexican and Italian heritage. She is the older twin.


Phoebe is her younger twin sister

Oriana is her best friend

She's friends with Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Jade, but especially with Sasha

She used to have a "crush" on Cameron (only when Cloe was flirting with Shane) and dated a guy named Damian Childs


Cartoon/Tv Series



She was voiced by Jessica DiCicco. Roxxi’s beauty mark is absent in her 3D appearances (except for video games). She appears in the Rock Angelz video game and movie, video games, and the TV series. She was the lead singer of Crash in Bratz Rock Angelz.