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Profile Art Roxxi
Nickname: Spice




Color: Fire Engine Red
Movies: Rock and Danger/Action Types
Food: Big Juicy Hamburgers and Chips
Smoothie: Raspberry
Music: Taylor Momsen and Punk Rock
Class: Music
Passion: Red-hot rockin' styles, like Denim & Leather!
Shopping Style:

Edgy 'N' Punk

Favorite Books: Serious

Roxxi is Phoebe's twin. She is nicknamed "Spice" by her twin sister. Also, she is viewed as the "Bad Twin".


Roxxi is Phoebe's twin with a smokin' sense of style! She loves to spice things up! That's why everyone calls her Spice. She is always ready for an adventure and loves to try new things, often bringing her friends along with her. When Roxxi gets an idea, she just goes for it! She is adventurous, and a talented singer and guitar player. She was previously in a band named Crash before they broke up. She join the Bratz Rock Angelz and they had a successful album and tour.


She has blue eyes, auburn hair and a light skin tone. Roxxi has a beauty mark to the left of her lower lip, in contrast to Phoebe's. She occasionally has black streaks in her hair as well. Roxxi is of Mexican and Italian heritage.


Cartoon/Tv Series



She was voiced by Jessica DiCicco. Roxxi’s beauty mark is absent in her 3D appearances (except for video games). She appears in the Rock Angelz video game and movie, video games, and the TV series. She was the lead singer of Crash in Bratz Rock Angelz.

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