Nickname: Space Case
Pet: Hamster
Lucky Number: 50
Favorite Color: Brown and Black
Favorite Movies: Sci-Fi and Foreign films
Favorite Books: Sci-Fi, Mystery and Science fiction
Favorite Food: Italian and Chinese
Favorite Smoothie: Strawberry
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock and Pop
Favorite Class: Science
Favorite Passion: To be a teacher
Shopping Style: Casual chic

Rylan is a Bratz doll that was introduced in the "Style It!" collection. Her nickname is Space Case because she's all about sci-fi.


Rylan has brown hair, light tan skin tone, and brown eyes. She resembles her sister Yasmin. She's Hispanic and Jewish.


Rylan is called Space Case because of her enormous love for sci-fi. She shares some similarities with Yasmin, as they share about the same skin tone, and they are both interested in science.


Portia: Mother

Yasmin: Younger Sister

Nona/Tess: Cousins

Manny: Little brother

Bubbie: Grandmother

Sonya: Best friend

She's friends with Shania, Maci, and Nadine too