Nickname: Space Case
Pet: Elephant
Lucky Number: 50
Favorite Color: Brown
Favorite Movies: Sci-Fi
Favorite Books: Sci-Fi
Favorite Food: Lingonberries
Favorite Smoothie: Coffee
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock and Pop
Favorite Class: Science
Favorite Passion: Sci-Fi
Shopping Style: Indie

Rylan is a Bratz doll that was introduced in the "Style It!" collection. Her nickname is Space Case because she's all about sci-fi.


Rylan has brown hair, light tan skin tone, and brown eyes. She resembles her sister Yasmin.


Rylan is called Space Case because of her enormous love for sci-fi. She shares some similarities with Yasmin, as they share about the same skin tone, and they are both interested in science.


Portia: Mother

Yasmin: Older Sister

Nona/Tess: Cousins


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