"I know who I am and what I want to be: A record producer with my own billion dollar fashion line. Music is my thing and I've got the inside track on all the cool clubs, parties, bands and dance moves. I'm a "cut to the chase" kinda girl who likes to take control and get things done. Bossy? Me? Well, okay - sometimes - but someone has to keep things moving, right?" - Sasha

Sasha (also known as Bunny Boo) is one of four original Bratz. She appears the least of any collections, so therefore, she is not one of the popular Bratz. Sasha has been produced in the Lil' BratzBratz Kidz and Bratz Babyz lines, and has a Bratzillaz counterpart.


Sasha a sassy girl who is not afraid of confrontation or situations and is very organized; she knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it! However, she has a bad temper and she will tell it like it is, often when things don't work out for her, which often leads her into trouble. If she gets into that kind of situation, she would open up and apologize. Nevertheless, Sasha cares about her friends, is always ready to stand up for them and no one would dare mess with her friends because she always has their backs! Fashion is a huge part of her life, but music is even more important to her. She enjoys dancing and hip-hop and has a passion for urban styles and street fashions. Overall, Sasha is very confident, determined and when it comes to hip-hop or R&B music perspective, she is known to be a great natural leader. She wants to be a record producer with her own fashion line as a career. For Bratz magazine, Sasha is the Music Editor.


Sasha is of African-American and Canadian heritage. Her skin is dark brown and it sometimes look like it is deeply tanned. Her eyes are hazel. Her natural hair color is dark brown, but she also appeared with black, silver, orange and blonde hair.


Her best friends are Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Raya, Roxxi, Dana, Fianna, Nevra and Meygan.

Male Friends are Cameron, Dylan, Eitan, Koby, and Cade.

Marvin Brown & Aliya Jackson are her parents.

Her witchy cousin is Sashabella.

Her love interest is Cruise.

Her little sister is Zama.


Cartoon/TV Series

Sasha Ripped Her Pants At School

Sasha accidentally ripped her pants at school.

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Portrayers/Voice Actresses

She has been voiced by Tia Mowry, Ashleigh Ball, Dorla Bell, and portrayed by Logan Browning in the 2007 Bratz: The Movie film.

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