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Secret Date "It's a night you're sure to never forget as you share a first date with the Bratz™ and Bratz Boyz™ as they laugh over a midnight smoothie, slow dance under a full moon, and find themselves getting closer than ever... as they walk the fine line between friendship and love. In addition to tons of stylin' accessories, this collectible Bratz™ and Bratz Boyz™ two-pack highlights the real anticipation of a real blind date by offering a unique packaging design that hides your Bratz Boyz™ blind date from view, to ensure he remains a mystery until you've taken him home and opened the box. Bonus rare Collector's Edition includes a completely new Bratz Boyz™ Bryce!" Secret Date included Cloe, Meygan, Jade, Nevra, Yasmin, Cameron, Koby, Dylan, Eitan and Bryce.




Bratz Secret Date Commercial! HD (2004)00:32

Bratz Secret Date Commercial! HD (2004)

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