Nickname: Trailblazer
Pet: Greyhound
Lucky Number: 8
Favorite Color: Black and orange
Favorite Movies: Comedy
Favorite Books: Fashion magazines
Favorite Food: Caribbean and Asian
Favorite Smoothie: Banana
Favorite Music: R&B,Pop
Favorite Class: History
Favorite Passion: Chilling with friends
Shopping Style: Punky and Sassy

Shadi is one of the new dolls from the Bratz 10th Anniversary Collection. She also appears in the Trend It! Collection Her nickname is Trailblazer.


She has tan tone skin, black hair with white highlights and blue-green eyes. She is of Indo-Trinidadian.


Shadi is called Trailblazer by her friends because she is all about adventure! Fashion (first) and exploring (second) are her two favorite passions. She feels that new fashions are always around the corner, so she wants to travel the world someday in able to find inspiration from all around the planet to create one unique look. Her style involves any exotic, never-before-seen looks.


Lydia, Adri, and Tyla are her bestfriends