Birthday: August 17
Year: Junior
Nickname: Drama Girl
Pet: Bengal cat
Lucky Number: 17
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movies: The Help
Favorite Books: Drama and Fantasy
Favorite Food: Soul food and Asian
Favorite Smoothie: Coconut
Favorite Music: Rap and Pop
Favorite Class: Drama
Favorite Passion: Drawing Dramatic Clothes
Shopping Style: Girly and Glam chic

Shira is nicknamed Drama Girl. She is one of the new dolls in the Bratz 10th Anniversary Collection.


She has blue eyes, brown hair and a tan skin tone. She and her sister Destiny both seem to be of Anglo-American and African-American heritage, though this was never confirmed.

Personality Profile

Shira is called Drama Girl by her friends because she is all about the attention! She loves to do public speaking and is even thinking of running for class president, or head cheerleader, or lead yearbook designer. She just wants to do something important, even though her friends say that she sometimes takes things too seriously. She could also be dramatic, like Cloe


Destiny is her older sister

Liliana and Ashby are her bestfriends


Even though Shira was released back in 2010, she still hasn't gotten a lot of merchandise. Of course, as a 10th Anniversary character she had a basic doll from that line, but Bratz recently announced a new doll line, Action Heroez, and Shira is apart of the line up alongside the usual Cloe and Yasmin, but also Roxxi and Phoebe, who haven't had many appearances either.