Nickname: Kickin' Kool-ala
Pet: Koala
Lucky Number: 45
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movies: About Sports
Favorite Books: Bios on Athletes
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Smoothie: Coconut
Favorite Music: Rock n' Roll
Favorite Class: Gym
Favorite Passion: Super Sporty Looks in Vibrant Colors
Shopping Style: Sporting Goods to Wear Anywhere

Siernna is the triplet of Oriana and Valentina. She is nicknamed Kickin' Kool-ala.


She has a light skin tone just like her sisters. Her hair is blonde with brown highlights and her eyes are blue.


Siernna is into sports and is on every team! Although she is always very busy, Siernna never loses her cool.


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