Nickname: Harpy Lovely
Pet: Ostrich
Lucky Number: 26
Favorite Color: White, Black and Pink
Favorite Movies: Sci-Fi and Novels
Favorite Books: Novels
Favorite Food: Ribs with Sweet Sauce
Favorite Smoothie: Passion Fruit
Favorite Music: Pop Punk
Favorite Class: Chemistry
Favorite Passion: Studying
Shopping Style: Geek Chic and Romantic

Sonya is Cloe's older sister and Polita's eldest daughter. Her nickname is Harpy Lovely by being smart and graceful.


Like her little sister, Cloe, she has blue eyes, light skin tone, and blonde hair. She is one of three Bratz dolls to date who wears glasses. She appears in the World Familiez collection.


Sonya is a brainy girl who loves learning and high fashion; however, she still cares a lot about her family, especially her younger sister Cloe.


She appears in Bratz World Familiez as Cloe's sister.


It's super-stylin' time for the Bratz. Big sister Sonya has got it goin' on, and little sis' Cloe is learning fast! With your Bratz World Familiez pair, you can join Cloe and her sis for some after-school fun. Cloe is a ballerina and Sonya is a sassy brainiac with a fashionable Bratz twist!

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