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Splash Entertainment, LLC, formerly Mike Young Productions LLC and Moonscoop US, is an animation studio that produces children's TV series.

Splash owns 100% of Kabillion.


The studio was originally owned and operated by three animation producers, husband and wife Mike & Liz Young, and Bill Schultz (6 seasons of The Simpsons, Garfield, Bobby's World). The studio makes both 2-D drawn and 3-D computer animation. Mike Young Productions became a fully owned subsidiary of MoonScoop Group in 2006, with Mike Young becoming COO US Producer of MoonScoop Group in 2009.

Moonscoop US's parent company entered administration in Paris courts in July 2013 did not effect the operations of the US company. MoonScoop US and France part ownership with separate companies purchasing the companies with Jokebox, a French company, purchasing MoonScoop France's 51% ownership in MoonScoop US.

Splash Entertainment

Moonscoop LLC renamed itself Splash Entertainment with the purchasing of the controlling interest by Mike & Liz Young in February 2013.

Taffy Entertainment

Taffy Entertainment was founded in 2005 to help Mike Young Productions to distribute their animated programs worldwide and to improve brand management. In March 2009, MYP sold their 51% in the company to MoonScoop Group[2] and is now known as MoonScoop, LLC.

In 2009, Taffy Entertainment took on the MoonScoop name and it continues to represent the company’s brands worldwide, in addition to third-party properties from some of the largest producers worldwide.

Taffy Entertainment represents brands from animation producers, including Mike Young Productions, its French parent company, MoonScoop Group, and some programs from third party producers. Taffy’s library for distribution includes such programs as “ToddWorld,” “Pet Alien,” “Titeuf”, “Growing Up Creepie,” “Mix Master,” “Fantastic Four,” “Bobby's World” and “Code Lyoko,”. The full library includes over 1500 hours of animation.

Taffy now handles the distribution for the animated series based on the book series Geronimo Stilton.


Distributor of the Year for 2007 Nominated for a second year in 2008

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