Birthday: November 6
Year: Sophomore
Nickname: Solo
Pet: Black Horse
Lucky Number: 33
Favorite Color: Black, Red and White
Favorite Movies: About Rock
Favorite Books: About Music
Favorite Food: Pretzels
Favorite Smoothie: Mandarin
Favorite Music: Rock n' Roll
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Passion: Bass
Shopping Style: Rock Star

Tess is Nona's twin and Yasmin and Rylan's cousin. She is nicknamed Solo by her sister and friends. She has been produced 4 times (2nd Edition Twiins, 2nd Edition Babyz Twiins, Lil Angelz and 2007 Play Sportz).

The novel Bratz Clued In: Seeing Double reveals that Tess is very good at Art, and specializes in creating collages. 


She has brown eyes and dark brown hair. Initial runs of Tess featured her with deep tan skin matching that of Spring Break Yasmin, but subsequent runs had her with a lighter tan skin tone matching the usual skin tone of Yasmin. She is Mexican. She is the younger twin.

Personality Profile

Tess is the "bad" twin. She is nicknamed Solo because she prefers to do things on her own.


Nona: Older twin sister

Fianna & Wayne: Parents

Rylan, Yasmin, Manny: Cousins

Portia & Nathaniel Gonzalez: Aunt and Uncle

Tiana: Bestfriend

Braden is her ex