Nickname: Gossip Snake
Pet: Snake Red
Lucky Number: 24
Favorite Color: Red and Black
Favorite Movies: Mysteries
Favorite Books: Bibliographies
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Smoothie: Mulberry
Favorite Music: Punk Rock
Favorite Class: English
Favorite Passion: Gossip
Shopping Style: Glam Style

Tiana has been produced four times in the Bratz collections. These are: "Tokyo a Go-Go" Collector's edition and Dance N' Skate Club, "Fabulous" and "Lil Angelz" is nicknamed Gossip Snake.


Tiana has pale skin and likes to wear dramatic makeup and clothes. Her black hair has bright red streaks in it and she has brown eyes.


Tiana loves to gossip. She is always better informed of her friends and her biggest dream is to have a career in reporting. She's very outgoing and isn't afraid to state her opinion.


May Lin and Kumi are very close friend of her

Tess is her best friend