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Treasures "Stomp ‘em with their scorchin’ sense of style, as they deck out in the hottest vintage vagabond fashions, and uncover a rockin’ new look to treasure forever!" Cloe, Yasmin, and Roxxi were in the first wave. Sasha and Jade were in the second wave and were harder to find. All of the dolls in this line were given beauty marks. The earlier dolls came with a sticker card and later dolls came with a two-sided poster (photo of prototype collection on one side; illustrated doll on the other) - it was possible for Roxxi, Cloe, or Yasmin to come with the poster. After groovin’ it in the city and sand, hop on top and go for a rockin’ ride on the high seas with this stylin’ sea cruiser that looks as good as it moves!




Bratz Treasures Commercial In English HQ00:31

Bratz Treasures Commercial In English HQ

Bratz Treasures! "Treasure Ship" Commercial! HD (2005)00:32

Bratz Treasures! "Treasure Ship" Commercial! HD (2005)

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