Nickname: Siren Shiny
Pet: Fish
Lucky Number: 27
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: About Novels,Swimming, Sirens and Fashion
Favorite Books: About Sirens and Novels
Favorite Food: Onion Rings
Favorite Smoothie: Peach
Favorite Music: Pop/Rock and Hip Hop
Favorite Class: Physical Education
Favorite Passion: Swim
Shopping Style: Glamorous and Cool

Trinity made her first appearance in the Bratz Holiday Edition, where she is dressed in a bright pink dress. Her nickname is Siren Shiny. She is a swimmer and is very fond of fashion. She is sensitive, loyal and dreamy. She is also Jaylene's mother and Nadine's Aunt.


Trinity has long blonde hair that is up in a ponytail with green eyes and bright pink lips, as well as pale skin. Her hot pink dress has a long train with tulle underneath and is shorter in the front, coming to her knees. The dress is decorated in a beautiful pattern with flowers, stems, and leaves. With this dress, she wears strappy sandals with beads on them. She comes with a doll stand and a purse, also a pink shawl to go along with her dress.


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