Kaycee and Kirstee that work for burdine

The Tweevils are twins that make fun of almost everyone. Everytime something goes their way, they say, "YEAH!", put their fingers together (with a "ding!" sound effect), and booty bump (with a funny sound effect). Even though they were nicknamed the "Tweevils" since they are twins and often act evil, the Tweevils have a nice and caring side that is shown in a few episodes of the Bratz animated series. Their foremost catchphrases are "yeah!" and "like!", as revealed in the episode "Manicuring Candidate", where the twins were repeating the two words during Cloe's nightmare. The twins are also experts at spying on the Bratz and trying to steal ideas for Your Thing magazine.

It is also shown that they hate their boss, Burdine Maxwell, as Kirstee is always speaking ill of behind her back, with things such as;

"Burdine's face is, like, so plastic! I bet it comes with a warning to keep away from open flames."

"Burdine is so nasty-wasty, I wish her whole head would just explode!"

And she once told the Bratz, "Did you know That Burdine eats baby birds for dinner? 'Cause that's how she gets her name; BIRD-dine." They also mock Burdine by calling her "Birdbrain" or "Birdbutt" when she's not around. Speaking of fired, the Tweevils get fired in the episode "A Little Diss, A Little Dat" and gain their job back at the end of the episode.

The appear in the majority of the Bratz TV show and in Bratz Rock Angelz , Forever Diamondz , and Bratz Genie Magic, but only at the start of the film, and toward the end where they are shown dancing but do not have speech lines.

The Tweevils could get along with only Jade and Yasmin.

It is possible if they are rich, because in the episode "Kidnapped", the Tweevils brag about their father being a doctor, and their mother being a vice president of "Woman." Also, in "Manicuring Candidate", Kaycee says, "I'll tell my father to give a free nose job to everyone!" And for allowance they get $60 each every week.

Physical Appearance

The Tweevils have Caucasian skin, ice blue eyes and light blonde hair. Their primary outfits persist of a pink crown-shaped hair ornament holding their hair in a bun, a pink minidress, and tall pink wedge pumps. They can easily be told apart as Kaycee is always wearing a bandage on her nose.

MGA made two dolls of the Tweevils in the line of Pink n Pretty - each sold separately.

Tweevils Quotes

1. Kirstee: N.O.P.


Kirstee and Kaycee: (Together) Not Our Problem!

2. Kirstee: Im like Kirstee Kaycee: And Im Kaycee

3. Kaycee: Well if i drived we would probably get somewhere

4. Kaycee: No K after Kaycee

5. Kirstee: Ugh you brat boys you suck at getting hypnotized!

6. Kirstee: Oh no the whole world is like been taken over by aliens Both: Ahhhh!!!

7. Chloe: 911 Tweevil alert Kirstee: Look at Yanky Vanky two shoes Yasmine

8. Kaycee: And then when i found out that you were gonna be my driver teacher i was like No way and he was like Yes way Sasha: Kaycee! Quit talking keep your eyes in the road

9. Kirstee: So anyway when i was like na ah and he was like ah ah and i was like whatever and thats how i got dad to rasie my allowance

10. Kaycee: Oh i wish i was good with words

11. Girl: Hello Kirstee and Kaycee i am you're friend we all work together Kirstee: I'm sorry but we don't work at school Kaycee: We do work at work Kirstee: Find someone else for you're dorky study group .....Kirstee: Whats with that glowing green eyes all of a sudden? Kaycee: Must be a craze Kirstee: Ohhh We will have to look into that but first

12. Both: YEAH!