Nickname: Stage Star
Pet: Trained Horse
Lucky Number: 46
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movies: All
Favorite Books: Shakespeare
Favorite Food: Rice a la Peruana
Favorite Smoothie: Lychee
Favorite Music: Rock, Pop
Favorite Class: Art
Favorite Passion: Performing
Shopping Style: Fancy Clothes

Tyla is one of the new dolls in the Bratz 10th Anniversary Collection. She is nicknamed Stage Star.


She has light tone skin, black hair and brown eyes. She is of Asian-American heritage. She also resembles her sister, Jade and her cousin Maci.

Personality Profile

Tyla is called Stage Star because she's a star performer! She is a talented individual who shines while performing onstage and has a dramatic style. She has hopes of becoming an actress someday.


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