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Nickname: Social Butterfly
Pet: Corgi
Lucky Number: 62
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite Movies: Comedy,Action and Fantasy
Favorite Books: Poetry Books
Favorite Food: Italian and Asian

Favorite Smoothie:

Kiwi Strawberry

Favorite Music:

Pop and Rap
Favorite Class: None (Lunch)
Favorite Passion: Ice Skating and Tennis
Shopping Style: Girly and Fancy

Vinessa is nicknamed Stylin' Sheep. She first appeared in the "Bratz on Ice" collection and has made appearances ever since, such as Forever Diamondz and Trend It!


Vinessa has a cousin named Vampelina, who is a vampire-witch who is introduced in Bratzillaz.

Raya is her older sister

Lian and Dresden are her younger step-sisters

Maribel is her bestfriend

She's friends with Felicia, Fianna, Nona, Keelin, and Tessa


She has brown eyes and platinum blonde hair. Vinessa also has a tan skin tone and her eyes are golden brown. She is African-American, Portuguese, and Puerto-Rican.


Vinessa is a baddie. She's very confident and loves feeling like a queen. She's very friendly and loves to have a great time. She loves ice skating and is very good at tennis- she got recognized for both sports! Her sisters go to her for advice but they also know not to mess with her- Vinessa doesn't play around!