Power: Sees into the Future
Witchmark: Egyptian Eye
Pet: Winkers
Favorite Color: Passionate Purple
Favorite Books: Scary Stories
Favorite Food: Chocolate Snaps
Favorite Smoothie: Hocus Pocus Mocha
Favorite Music: Orchestral Rap
Favorite Class: Purses & Potions
Favorite Passion: Vintage Romantic

“I’m into eerie underground style...and seeing all! Wanna know what your future holds? Look no further! I’m keeping an eye on you!”

Yasmina Clairvoy and her adorable pet cyclops Winkers see all! With the power to help you see into the future, you’ll be ready for anything! Yasmina loves vintage romantic looks, retro style and funky braided hair! With her spellbinding style and oddball pet friend, Yasmina Clairvoya is a gorgeous glam eyeful!


Yasmina has grey hair and light grey skin. Her eyes are brown.


Yasmina is known to be a very unique individual. While she seems to like fashion and such like the others, she somehow makes herself stand out from the crowd. But she also likes to help others to avoid problems that may be heading their way.

She is also very pretty and a gorgeous glam eyeful!


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