Your Thing Magazine is a magazine owned by Burdine Maxwell. It is the rival to Bratz magazine.


Burdine Maxwell (voiced Wendie Malick), the head of Your Thing Magazine. She is unintentionally responsible for Jade and her friends creating Bratz Magazine since she was the one who fired Jade in the first place. Burdine is quick to anger, inpaitent, and bossy, traits she does not show towards her pet Miniature Pinscher Royale. A running gag in the show is that whenever a person says something that Burdine finds insulting, she will say "Do you know who I am? I am Burdine Maxwell: Founder, President and Editor-in-chief of Your Thing Magazine, and the reigning Queen of Fashion". The "Tweevils" have a tendency to call their boss "bird lips" among other names, but only when Burdine is not around. Like the "Tweevils", Burdine is also a twin and has a almost identical sister name Burdeise.

Kirstee Tweevil (voiced by Kaley Cuoco), one of two twin sisters. Kirstee seems to be the oldest of the "Tweevils" because of her maturity and dominance over her sister.

Kaycee Tweevil (voiced by Lacey Chabert), the other twin in the duo, Kaycee appears to be slightly unintelligent compared to Kirstee who often calls her "dumbsicle". The two do not get along very well, often getting into short fights. Kaycee wears a bandage on her nose, according to Sasha, this was a results of three nose jobs following accidents involving it, the nose is commonly used in a running gag where if Kaycee (or something/someone else) hits her nose, Kaycee will say "Ow, my nose!".